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Out with the old.

Is it me or is there a heaviness lingering about, on this last afternoon of the old year? I felt it when I went out for an errand–the gloomy sky seemed to press down on me–and I feel it now, while I write. Our sofa beckons: “Come here, Lisa, forget your to-do list, put your feet up and watch an episode of the British Baking Show!” Well, in the words of Jonathan Toomey, “Pish Posh!” There are many things to set right before midnight, and writing this last post of 2015 is one of them.

There are probably stats on how many posts I’ve done since I started blogging, more than 50 I suppose, which is pretty good for me and consistently using the Internet. I wonder though what I could have possibly said that was memorable and important. For all of you who were disengaged with this online journal, I apologize. There are certainly better models and cleverer discussions. What I can offer is a glimpse at my continual journey as a published author of two books, and a third coming out in June.

For me, everything about writing books is a big deal. Right now, marketing the darn things is my focus, and I’m putting together a marketing campaign over the next several days regarding my goal of selling 1000 copies of Peace Cottage and Raising Evangeline. 2016 is the year of getting the word out. Hopefully my clever daughters and husband can help me come up with something clever and catching. More on that in the next few days.

But here’s a thought: Why not get your 2016 holiday shopping done early by taking advantage of Curiosity Quill’s sale of Peace Cottage today and tomorrow only? I mean, for ten dollars, you could get ten presents that wrap well! That’s not a bad idea for me either…Here’s the link to the sale:

Happy year end, my faithful followers, and may the new year shine brightly in your hearts and hearths.










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One thought on “Out with the old.

  1. Maggie on said:

    Happy New Year Lisa. I hope the heaviness has dissipated with the last heavy hours of 2015. This is a brand new year, fresh and untarnished by anything. May it be filled with curiosity, energy, stamina and excitement. It is a gift, yet to be opened.

    Here’s a meditation for you for 2016. It’s from Bishop Steven Charleston, retired Bishop of the Alaska Episcopal Diocese. I send it to you for the hope of 2016, with love:

    “Wherever you go in the year to come, you will not walk alone. The love that has watched over you since you were a child will remain beside you. It will help you, and guide you, and laugh with you, and comfort you when you need it. You do not have to do anything to earn this love or to keep it. It is the presence of a mind and heart as old as time. It is eternal and unchanging. It is a love so intimate it knows what makes you afraid at night and so strong that it can face any dawn with you. Therefore, you will walk in love throughout this coming year. You will be enfolded by love, sheltered and sustained, enlightened and inspired, challenged and received. What is to come is waiting for you. What has always been is with you already.”

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