Finding Home

Today I’m breathing easy.

Saturday morning and quiet in the house. Just me and the dog, and yes, he’s on my lap again, alert and ready to bark at any squirrel he sees through the window. His little body is tense in anticipation. I’m not tense, but I sure am anticipating. The craft fair that’s coming up at my daughter’s school on December 5th? I’m excited about it, the first time I’m approaching these types of events with joy and no anxiety. Maybe it’s because I’m ready to bring my real self to the table. For Peace Cottage, my hair was dyed its usual brown, and I was on my best sophisticated behavior. For Raising Evangeline, I’m all about gray, and I’m showing up without pretense.

Maybe it’s the rough year behind us. Or maybe world events are helping me separate the wheat from the chaff.  Or maybe the Christmas season is almost upon us and as the youngest of six kids, I can’t help but get wound up for Advent, the lights, and eggnog.

Raising Evangeline is doing well so far, and I’ve got my first 5 star review on Amazon. I created something that people are enjoying. Today, I’m breathing easy.Scout


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5 thoughts on “Today I’m breathing easy.

  1. Delighted to hear your good news. You are a star in my night sky!

  2. I love thinking of you settling into yourself in this way, and I’m really looking forward to reading “Raising Evangeline.” May you notice and treasure each moment of breathing easy, dear Lisa.

  3. Thanks so much, Corlies. Hope everything is well. Are you back in the States?

  4. Breathing–I forgot to do it yesterday, but today I’m back on board!

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