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Too much nitrogen…

They pile up everywhere on our property, in the gutters, on our Adirondack chairs, even on our small deck. And the oak is so massive that it rises above our house and drops them right onto our flat roof. Last year we raked the whole lot to the edge of the yard, but it’s a ridge that’s looking ugly now and can’t take another season’s worth. They tell me, “Leave ’em on the ground; they’re good fertilizer.” But they are wrong. Those leaves carry too much nitrogen. The only thing that grows with too much nitrogen is Bishop’s Weed. We have plenty of that. And besides, come spring, we have to rake the leaves anyway in order to see the lawn.

I appreciate that oak. I pitched apples at it when I was a youngster going to school just over the fence. It filters light like nobody’s business. In the winter, sometimes at night I go sit at the base of its trunk and turn mindless. The squirrels get a meal and a toy from the acorns. But the leaves, they pack over the ground, soaking up rain for a slippery mess. We measure them in inches. Too much nitrogen.

This week our friend Robert will take the leaves away and trim down the flower gardens, as we are short on time and the snow is coming. We’ll be “buttoned down.” I wonder what he’ll do with them, but I don’t wonder enough to ask. I’ll just cross off “deal with leaves” on my to do list.

That list? It’s got lots of book-related entries. “Set up author signings.” “Ask publisher to poke Barnes & Noble.” And here’s one that I can cross off right now: “Once covers are final, remember to blog about them.”

Here they are–the remake of Peace Cottage (if you have the original, it’s a collector’s item) and the new Raising Evangeline, out in just a week or so. Thanks to Curiosity Quills, they are lovely, and notice, no oak leaves. Pine and maple only.

Lisafinalpeacecottagecover final evangeline cover


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4 thoughts on “Too much nitrogen…

  1. Corlies Delf on said:

    Lisa, the covers are beautiful! Quite a change! And I see possible related covers for many further works in the series. Well done, Curiosity Quills! And I get it about the oak leaves. In our new house, we live under a lot of Oregon white oak (“scrub oaks”) and even they rain down lots of leaves. Fortunately, this is mostly wild land, just a little lawn and a few plants selected to be unappealing to the deer.

    I stepped to my computer to print our packing lists … Greg and I leave Friday for 6 weeks in inland Mexico, vacationing and visiting friends. I’ll be looking forward to news and posts from you while we’re gone. Such connectedness is something of a lifeline when we’re far away from our family here in Eugene. So I’ll go back to my work now, hoping to actually get a few hours sleep the night before we fly.

    Love to you,


  2. Maggie on said:

    The book covers are truly lovely! So enticing! I want to dive right in to them. I do like the cover of my copy of the original Peace Cottage too. It kind of told a story too. Congratulations!

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