Finding Home

Fingerless gloves.

Somewhere in my winter bag, I have a pair of gloves without fingers. I need them today, as it is freezing in the house. Our pellet stove needs to be cleaned before we can crank it up for fall and winter, and our furnace is temporarily out of commission, so until the weekend, when we can clean the stove, we must wear extra sweaters and fleece-lined jeans. And fingerless gloves.

I received the second round of edits on Vinehart Farm, and I was surprised, really. It has been so long that I’ve looked at that story; I had to reintroduce myself to Eva, the main character, and I had to get used to the story being in the third person. In Raising Evangeline, the story is told from Lucy’s own voice. I’m working slowly and deliberately on marketing Raising Evangeline. Slowly because that seems to be the speed I can work at in this electronic world, and deliberately because I want to do my best for this book.

What am I doing these days? I’m getting our house and grounds ready for winter. Fixing the upstairs ceiling fan so we’ll have better heat circulation. Getting bags of pellets stored in our now spacious barn. Finding someone to trim our gardens and remove leaves. With caring for my sick daughter, I’m taxed for time. So I’m getting help.

What I’m thinking about? The Pope, and how he rides in a Fiat, while our Vice President rides in an armored limo. An old, sturdy red bench for our porch, to use when we take our boots on and off. That about this time last fall, my older daughter probably got bit by a disease carrying tick while she was hiking our beautiful green mountain state.  It’s time to leave my sweet summer dresses behind, and trek to my sister’s for a borrowed stack of her warm, wool sweaters. And finally, that my annual blood work shows I’m insufficient in Vitamin D, and that perhaps is why my memory has been less than stellar for months. We had such a sunny summer, but I didn’t get out much.

I leave you with another lovely photo of what’s here and what’s to come.

Lisa fall 2015


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Finding Home

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