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A Mix Up.

Yesterday I discovered that the version of Raising Evangeline that I was proofing for the last time was not the latest one. I know that what I sent and was passed along to the proofreader was correct. Now I’m waiting to find out exactly how I screwed up. It means really that I’ll have to go through the manuscript one final time, but if that’s the worst that happens, I’m good.

As I prepare for marketing, I’m making a to do list. I’m starting small, because that’s what I can do, as anything big seems to paralyze me. So here it is so far:

Write to ten major bookstores in Vermont to encourage their carrying my books and to request book signings and/or author talks. (The letter is already written–woot, woot!)

Figure out how my Bookreads author page works and update it.

Verify that Raising Evangeline is indeed coming out on November 12th.

Send my ten letters out.

That’s it for the first round. I’ve got bits and pieces of ideas for marketing all over the place, on FB, in comments to this blog, in scribbled notes. I want to gather all I have and start a folder called Marketing. I’ll add that to my list as well. Okay, enough of mundane things. Here’s something fun. I really think that you’ll like this book as much as you liked Peace Cottage. And I can’t wait until it is in your hands.

I end with another ocean picture.



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4 thoughts on “A Mix Up.

  1. I love your ocean picture and want to break into song, “Memories!” I’m wondering what the harm would be of really “going out on a limb”…….how about writing to NPR or at least to Vermont Public Radio and asking to be interviewed for the release of Evangeline. I belong to the club called, “it never hurts to ask”.

    I’m behind you 100%

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