Finding Home

Selling Peace Cottage.

This Friday at 4:30 p.m. I’ll be at my table with a stack of books to sell at the Johnson, Vermont Farmer’s Market. I’ll be with another Vermont author, Brenda Snow, who writes children’s stories. I’ve decided that if someone approaches me, I’ll ask them to read the first page. If they are interested, I’ll encourage them to buy.

As often happens with me, I feel like I’m pushing away cobwebs in regard to marketing. Compared to what my fellow Curiosity Quills authors are doing, my efforts are simply lame. There’s a reason, of course, well, actually three. They are more savvy, while I struggle to learn this type of medium, my personal life is somewhat difficult and makes for little time to market, let alone write, and I’m still at the stage where I’m surprised that people like my book and are looking forward to the next, rather than accepting that this is so and marketing hard with a product I believe in. Try marketing a book as an introvert! But that’s who I am and what I’ve got, and I’m lucky that I have a publisher for all three of my books.

By the way, I’m waiting for round two edits for both books. You’d think I’d use this extra time to set up a spreadsheet or strategize or something. But it’s easier for me to do dishes and laundry, and think about why the skunk who is living underneath our porch doesn’t like the marshmallows my husband put in our two have a heart traps. He’s trying tuna tonight. How many cats can fit in those traps?

Here’s another vacation picture. Have a good week.




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Finding Home

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