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So there’s this unresolved question about what’s in Vangie’s old knapsack. And the homeschooling lesson about Acadia is too long. I’ve been working on the knapsack scene for the past hour. I’ve figured out what’s in it, and why Vangie wants it hidden, but my dialogue isn’t so good. I’ll wrestle with it today. Meanwhile, my editor wants me to trim Lucy’s lesson on Acadia way down. I struggled with this request, as I really got into researching Vangie’s roots, using my own Acadian history as a backdrop. She suggests that I take it and place it on this blog, for readers who are interested. First I have to cut the lesson down, and this will be hard for me, because I’m quite attached to every word. Darn. So while you all are going about your day, hopefully in the sunshine, I’ll be hacking, chopping, and adding new growth. No sign of round two edits on Vinehart Farm, so I can stay totally focused on Evangeline. In fact, my second job is coming to an end, so I’ll have more time to work on both of my books, which  means that they’ll find their way into your hands that much sooner!

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One thought on “Changes.

  1. Maggie on said:

    I heard an author refer to the cutting out of words that had been labored over as “murdering ones children”. That must be close to what you are feeling by having to take so much of the Acadia research out of your book. Perhaps it will work its way into other books and stories you write.

    I think you are doing fabulously well and that your discipline to keep at it is truly wonderful. I think of you often and send warm thoughts of encouragement to wrap like a shawl around your shoulders.


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Finding Home

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