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Something new on the 1040

Yesterday it was lovely, sunny, and everyone was smiling. Today it’s snowy and windy, and my circle of friends and family isn’t so cheerful anymore. No robins spotted, even with yesterday’s springlike weather. When the robins come, that’s when I’ll know I will soon be wearing light and breezy sun dresses and sandals.

No news on my books. I’m past feeling frustrated. Now I just feel separated from the whole writing experience, except for the connection that comes with doing taxes for the first time as an author. There are plenty of other projects in my life I can work on, and with working so many hours at my two jobs, it’s not like I have much free time anyway. But still, I miss my books.

Yesterday I had a debate with one of my daughters. She insisted that Lent ended after Holy Thursday mass. I insisted that it ended at noon on Saturday, which is how long we had to wait before we could have sweets again when we were younger. I hope she’s wrong. I would hate to think I gave up sweets all those extra days for nothing!

I have three days off in a row, a small break I’m giving myself before I dive into another two months of working near impossible hours. I’m going to read, dance, scrap book, and play with our new dog. I hope you all have a good Easter, and I sure hope the weather cooperates,



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2 thoughts on “Something new on the 1040

  1. Mavis on said:

    Lent would never end before Good Friday had passed. I always thought it ended at the Easter Vigil on Saturday night.

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