Finding Home

What am I forgetting?

So it’s Friday afternoon and I’m off from both of my jobs, and I’m in my quiet house with our new, very quiet dog. I have a cup of tea beside me, and besides house responsibilities (like keeping the pellet stove going) I’ve nothing pressing to do. Now this concerns me. There must be something I’m forgetting. But what? My daughter’s still at school, so I haven’t forgotten her. Both of my book manuscripts are with the publisher, so I don’t have anything to do on them. Bills are paid, laundry and dishes are caught up. Hmm. Time off. Interesting!

Of course I know how to fill it. I’ve got two reviews to write, one for the editor of our local paper, and one for my author cousin who is publishing her first book with Penguin. I will give myself over to the joy of reading her book again, to see how it has changed since its beginnings. I’m not sure, but I think my blurb will go on her back cover.

It’s snowing again, and my quest for my first robin sighting is on hold. No smart robin would come out in this weather, although really I have no idea how to determine the intelligence of a bird. But our new dog is very smart. He found his favorite bed to curl up on in less than a few hours. Now whether he gets to stay there is another matter!

It’s maple syrup weekend in Vermont. Go find a sugar house!



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Finding Home

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