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Conventional, mainstream, old-fashioned, what?

In my Facebook post, I called myself and my books conventional, but it took only seconds for a fellow author to pipe and say that I was mainstream. Mainstream sounds much less boring, doesn’t it? It also sounds risk averse, and believe it or not, I do take risks in my books, at least compared to my own real life of wife, mother, hearth tender, and librarian. But my characters don’t do crazy things. Well, sometimes they are impulsive, and say things that they regret later. Lucy is like that, and Eva as well. They don’t have strong filters. After I finish posting, I’m going back to Lucy’s world, adding the final touches to a story that has come to an end. But before I sign off, here’s a link to the story about knitting socks. I got permission to share it, and I’m so glad that I can.

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4 thoughts on “Conventional, mainstream, old-fashioned, what?

  1. Mainstream is a good word, and yet Peace Cottage took me to a place very few of us have visited, the deep woods and deep snow.

    THANKS for the knitting story, I enjoyed it too. Made me feel so cozy, and made me miss my mom.

    • Amanda on said:

      I don’t think of you or your work as conventional or mainstream! You are more quirky than conventional and a wee bit conservative to be mainstream. Maybe a little bit old timey in a good kind of warm and fuzzy folksy kind of way. I think of conventional and mainstream as strip mallish, something for the masses and you are anything but that. You are brave and exciting and thoughtful…a potpourri of wonderful essences that all work together. Traditionality, classic, informal and unpretentious are all better words that come to mind.

    • I miss your mom too. I look at her Christmas cards that I’ve kept over the years, and I feel closer to her.

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