Finding Home

More snow coming.

My first post for the new year! We have a different, new sound in our house now–the kathump, thump, thump of crutches making their way on the stone and wood floors. Our daughter’s doing great, though she’s stir-crazy. Facing 4-6 months of full recovery for her knee, she and we are taking things day by day. She’s courageous, our girl, and I’m so grateful for all the books and movies she has in her activity basket, just a hand’s reach away.

We are taking her out for a ride and a visit soon, before the snow starts in earnest. We’ve 4-7 inches predicted, and we want to watch it from inside our cozy home. I’ve started a new project. Thanks to a smash book I got for Christmas, i’ve decided to leave a legacy to my descendants about my life. Since I started a diary when I was in seventh grade and have kept cards and notes and pictures since before that time, I have plenty of material for cutting and pasting and giving an overview of who I was then and who I am now. And of course, I’m recycling anything I won’t use, to once more declutter my life. Some of my entries are very funny. Some of them are quite sad. Most of them tell of days going to school and working on a busy farm, with a full house load of people. I found my mother’s handwritten memories of Christmas, and her mother’s handwritten memories as well. I’ve got rare letters from my father, and a continuous thread of entries that sound like occasional panic attacks. I didn’t know what they were, didn’t tell anybody about them, but faithfully wrote them down. I’m so glad that I have that information now.

I figure it will take years to catch up with myself, but that’s okay. I like the image of my great granddaughter flipping through the pages and saying, “She said what???”

Off for our adventure!



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Finding Home

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