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The Letter.

Every now and then I check the ranking of Peace Cottage on Amazon. Occasionally it dips down below a million. That sounds horrible, doesn’t it? But when you think of all the books that are out there, under a million isn’t so bad. But, it’s not good enough. Come the new year, I plan to have a three-prong approach when it comes to my books. Promote Peace Cottage, edit Vinehart Farm, finish the first draft of Raising Evangeline. Actually, that’s what I’ve done this year! Okay, back to the drawing board.

What I need is someone famous to read and blog about my first book. My smart friend Amy suggests that I write a letter and send it to all the relevant book bloggers I can find. With all the books already out and coming out, how can I get one famous person to read the letter, read Peace Cottage, and blog about it?

My letter will have to be intriguing and respectful. It will have to be to the point and easy to respond to. In short, it will have to be perfect, which means I’m feeling defeated even before I’ve written the darn thing. No problem though. I’ve been defeated tons of times and I’m still carrying on.

So here’s where you can help. If you follow blogs that discuss contemporary fiction or at least seem to be in line with some aspect of Peace Cottage, and you really like the blog, please comment about it, so I can review it and hopefully add it to my letter list.

Until next week,



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One thought on “The Letter.

  1. Serene Queen on said:

    You can do it!

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