Finding Home

Some days feel like Christmas…

It’s one of those mornings where everything is promising. I feel well, I’ve got the whole day–the whole day!–to write, and I have some Christmas spirit flowing through me. Maybe it’s because my daughter is so happy now when I drop her off at school. Maybe it’s because of the crisp weather and the holiday music I’m already listening to in the car. Or maybe it’s because I still remember those days in high school band when we were playing “Giddy up, giddy up, giddy up let’s go,” and while I was tapping it out on the snare drum, I was thinking about going home to see what Christmas cards my parents received for the day. I’ve been reading quite a bit on memory. The latest science says that we have just one original memory, and everything else is a memory built onto the original. False memories are in now, according to science. But I ask, “What else do we have?” Maybe my memory of playing in the band is a composite, or maybe I was really thinking of some other aspect of Christmas while I was playing, but for me, it doesn’t really matter, because I still get excited anyway. Like I am now, with Thanksgiving to look forward to and the good people I’ll be celebrating with, and Christmas coming on, and what a joy that is, spiritually and family-wise. I’m grateful for good memories, and continue to create them anew. My girls, they know such happiness. Now if my husband would just stop charging me 25 cents every time he heard me singing a Christmas carol…Oh, I wanted to show you my writing and reading nook, where I spend much time. Here’s a photo.



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One thought on “Some days feel like Christmas…

  1. Thank you for sharing your delightful attitude. I was feeling cranky today after stopping at Penney’s and feeling assaulted by all the Christmas “cheer” – signs telling me to “Get your Jingle On!!” Thank you for reminding me of the joy and anticipation of the Merry in The season! Now I can get my Jingle on!

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