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The big and small of bravery.

101I have my favorite and only pair of overalls on today. They give me super powers! Today I’m thinking of the man who is quarantined in Vermont, resulting in his return from West Africa, until he’s in the clear in regard to Ebola. And I’m also thinking of the young woman from our state’s capitol who will replace my nephew in Senegal as a member of the Peace Corps. It’s a circle of sorts, of coming home and venturing off, and possible risks. I was reminded today that in situations like this, prayer works best, because so much is really out of our hands. I’m also thinking about bravery–both big and small. Bravery is getting up every morning and making it the best day you can, in difficult circumstances. Bravery is traveling to a place in need, and doing the ground work to make things better. Bravery is daring to connect with another human being when the consequences are unknown. And bravery is assuring a loved one that it is the right time to die. That’s my short list; there’s so much more to add!

I just realized how small the circumference of my book characters is. Lucy is brave, but not in any way people outside her sphere of influence realize. And young Eva won’t fly off to treat Ebola, but she’ll get up every morning as an orphan. What about me? What am I brave about? Well, today I’m getting on with things–getting tasks done, facing my social media fears, heading out in public when I would rather just be home tucked in a chair reading a Maisie Dobbs adventure. Small bravery–I know. Nothing much to get excited about. But for me, it’s hard. That’s why I’ve got my overalls on. They give me super powers.


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2 thoughts on “The big and small of bravery.

  1. Amanda on said:

    Every post you write I look forward to reading! You always have a new take on life and I for one apprecite your good thinking.

    I agree with you about bravery. Sometimes I feel brave just getting out of bed in the morning. I use to have overalls too and felt they made me cool and fun and YES as if I had super powers!!

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