Finding Home

A snow squall.

Yesterday, as we were driving through Crawford Notch in the White Mountains, we encountered a snow squall. The snow led us into Vermont and almost to our home. So today, I’m listening to instrumental Christmas music to counter the noise of our very loud washer as it runs through its cycles. And there is hammering up above, as our bathroom reconstruction comes to a finish. It’s a noisy world!

Our weekend trip to Maine’s coast was refreshing and reassuring to me. I’m reading This Changes Everything: Capitalism v. the Climate, by Naomi Klein. This book is non-relenting, fact-based, and is affecting me deeply in regard to the desperate situation of our climate. I never realized how closely global trade was connected to global climate health. So on my way through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, I was relieved to see acres and acres of beautiful foliage and nature in general. And of course, the ocean never disappoints. I felt like we still live in a beautiful world; it’s not all mucked up yet. But now what? How do convince big money to release its grip on greed?

Meanwhile, I’m at a standstill in regard to Raising Evangeline. I would say the text so far is plodding along, and I doubt my readers will be pleased if I don’t re-energize the story line. I want to start over with something new, but this seven-year old Acadian girl keeps calling me back to her. Lucy, the protagonist, is muddling along pretending she is hosting a Fresh-Air child, but she’s not. She’s taken her on for life, and is keeping her neck in the sand. I’ve got plenty of work to do with this sequel.

Well, time for me to get to work. Did it snow at your house?



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Finding Home

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