Finding Home

How others do it.

I’ve been reading some blogs my good friend Joan recommended to me. They are about sustainable living and simplicity. I love those blogs; every day is a window into the lives of women who live the way I strive to live. One of them has a house that is just 500 square feet, and it is beautiful! That’s what I want, a house just like hers. My life doesn’t quite match up right now. We have a large, 1850ish house with big rooms and little storage. We have a lot of stuff–well, I don’t but my husband and two daughters do. And they don’t show any intention of becoming minimalists. Still, I pass on as much as I can, and it’s rare that we buy new things. We eat very healthily too.

The goal was for me to get involved in these blogs to eventually be able to promote my books. But it’s not working out that way. I just want to read them and dream a little about a different way of life. And the comments of others are way more enlightening than anything I could add. But I’m learning how to be more engaging in my own blog writing, so I don’t consider them frivolous.

Last week I posted about rain on the inside. One of our bathrooms is directly above the other, and last Monday the gasket on the upstairs shower blew and the water came through the ceiling into our downstairs bathroom. Our upstairs bathroom must be gutted and treated for mold, and then rebuilt. And then there are the repairs to the downstairs bathroom. These things happen, and even though we are looking at quite an inconvenience, this house has great bones. We’ll be okay. Meanwhile, I get another perfect opportunity to sort and hoe out. Do we really need all those boxes of rags? And my puzzle of the day is, how do I pass them on?

Until next week,



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