Finding Home

I turned the furnace on today.

Yesterday morning my husband gave me some rose-colored tulips. I placed them into a very old champagne glass, and they are directly before me on a low table in front of the windows. The tulips have some significance, as they are an exact match to the tulips in the framed print on our yellow kitchen wall. The print shows two blue weathered vases filled with tulips. I look from the vase to the print, and my spirits lift.

I feel better about heading into winter this year. First, I have the little porch area I created in front of the kitchen windows, and I am comfortable and warm. Last to add is a feeder for small birds. It will go directly in front of the windows, and will probably be the kind that squirrels can climb. Second, I have warmer boots, more sweaters, and thicker layers of clothes. And third, I will ski again, getting myself out and about with our rail trail just down the street. I wish I were shorter, so when I fell, it wouldn’t hurt so much!

And I have a different approach to the holidays. Every year I read Bill McKibben’s Hundred Dollar Holiday to put me in the mood for the spirit of giving. Unlike past years, I have all these great ideas to implement his philosophy. The book is a good, very short read, and I recommend it. So, all in all I am in good shape for what is ahead.

Next week our pellets come in, and I look forward to that first cheerful fire in our stove room. I’ve shampooed the rug in front of the stove to get the dog smell out, and it is ready for us to sit down and enjoy the warmth. Do I sound happy? Yes–I think I am! And for those of you who know me, this comes as a surprise, because winter and I (or is it winter and me?) we generally don’t get along too well.

Signing off, so I can write about Miss Evangeline and Lucy, who are having their own difficulties in getting along.



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