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I will not put my toes in the water!

In the sequel to Peace Cottage, Lucy’s new foster child Evangeline doesn’t want to go to the beach. I don’t know why yet, but she is very fearful of the water. So once this young girl, who hasn’t spoken much at all yet in her new environment (with Lucy, Saffron, Delia, and Merry the cat), finds out that the plan for the day is to go to Gaben Beach, she suddenly shouts out fiercely in French that she cannot go to the ocean. SHE CANNOT GET NEAR THE OCEAN! Lucy is surprised, but sees how panicked Evangeline is and backs off. But what is going on? I think ultimately her fear will stem from some incident relating to her mother, but what I’ll focus on is that Lucy doesn’t think she has the experience or capacity to deal with Evangeline’s reaction. And you know how anxious she gets. Lucy and her girls love the ocean, and they aren’t about to stop going to it just because Evangeline doesn’t want to. I have no idea how to resolve this. See, that’s what this blog is about, being a new author and not having answers! I have a working title for this new book but I don’t want to even mention it because it’s not good. I’m waiting for just the right words to float down and assemble themselves. Then I’ll share. I’m signing off so I can write up the ocean scene. Let’s see if I can get a photo in for you to set the mood.6-29-13 141


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2 thoughts on “I will not put my toes in the water!

  1. How well I understand not wanting to get into the water. For me it feels like relinquishing trust and control, being vulnerable. Plus I don’t like being wet. For me it may have to do with the mostly dangerous waters that surround Alaska, but I also think there are people who just naturally are water babies and those who are not. I don’t understand about not wanting to be near the ocean but, like you, I think it probably has to do with a trauma of some sort. I know Lucy will be compassionate as she deals with so many fears of her own and understands other peoples anxieties. It is fun to watch this book being born. Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Maggie–thank you so much for your thoughtful comments. They help me frame up what I’ll write about in regard to Lucy and Vangie. Right now, Lucy is out of her element, but she continues to try, which is the important thing when it comes to 7-year old strangers. Keep posting, please!



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