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Dancing in the living room with Paul Simon.

I’ve always been a walker, walking the cows to the pasture gate when I was growing up, walking from the bus stop down the long road to our farm (even in the rain), walking and running as I spent years playing volleyball and softball, and then walking almost every day as my release from being an at-home mom. I walked through my first several years of working at the college too. Suddenly, without any particular reason, I stopped. I just didn’t feel like it anymore. It has been two years now and I still am sedentary. I know, this isn’t good, especially as I get older. And I really do mean to do something about it, but I get caught up with all the things on my plate and just don’t do it. So lately I’ve been trying something different. I go into our living room, put queue a CD, and dance. Not the kind of dancing my ballet-trained daughter does (her lyrical movements filling up the room), no, the kind of dancing I do simply involves swaying side to side and shuffling my feet along with the beat. And while I dance, I think about hard stuff, like the awful beheading of a journalist, fun stuff, like how my younger daughter loves school for the first time ever (new school) and hope stuff, like how nice it will be to have a cup of tea when I’m done. I’m not sure if this will stick (I’ve tried jump roping and running barefoot and neither took) but it feels good. Like I have swirly girl skirts and dresses on and there’s a slight breeze coming in from the window. So that’s what this author is going to do after signing off. Today it’s Paul Simon. Just me and Paul, dancing in the living room.


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One thought on “Dancing in the living room with Paul Simon.

  1. Amanda on said:

    I love this side of you!!! Well said!!

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