Finding Home

It’s a long road, and I’m getting there.

You know how I was supposed to have a book signing at Phoenix Books? Well, it sounds like the owner wants me to become more well-known, more popular, I guess. At first my feelings were hurt, but when I realized I was up against some really famous writers in regard to time slots, I got over it. If I have to prove myself, so be it. (I also got rejected for an author talk at First Night in Burlington.) Meanwhile, I’m about half way through the first draft edits of Vinehart Farm, and still hope to submit the adjusted manuscript to Curiosity Quills by August 15th. I feel like I’m plodding along, lingering in the backwash of Peace Cottage’s release. The other thing I’ve realized is that it’s quite difficult being an author and working my day job and having a family. I’m not giving up anything, but juggling it all is challenging. I’m not complaining; I’m just being realistic and trying not to get so disappointed when a weekend goes by and I haven’t written a word. Like this weekend. I went to a beautiful burial service, spent several hours with extended family, did chores, spent lots of time in the car, celebrated an important birthday, and it was all great. I have an abundant life outside of writing. And yet my books need me. I’m in good company with all the other writers in the world who are trying to break through in their spare time. And the thing is that it’s happening. I received two really nice letters complimenting me on Peace Cottage–out of the blue! One came from Massachusetts and the other came from Iowa. I’m getting there. What’s the hurry anyway? I have the rest of my life.


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Finding Home


Finding Home

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