Finding Home

“I’m back in the saddle again.”

Remember that song? Well, after being totally removed from social media, and living for a week in a beautiful cottage with a porch overlooking the ocean, I am very well rested and ready to return to my old routine, except, not quite. I am trying very hard to not get on the wheel. A good friend suggested that I not take anything new on for the next three months, and to cancel out one or two things I am currently doing. I’m taking her advice. I don’t think it will be too hard to skip adding things, but it will be a challenge to let a few things go. This is my first: I called my sister’s lawn mowing service and will have someone mow and weed whack our lawns once in July, once in August, and once in September, so whoosh! That’s gone! As much as I love our push mower Shazeiah, her blades need sharpening and she is very hard to use. I go down to four day weeks starting this week, so that’s another thing to give up, a day as a librarian. I will instead address the first round of edits to Vinehart Farm, and softly build the sequel to Peace Cottage. That’s not taking anything new on, because they are already in the works. For the sequel, which so far remains nameless, I get to research the history of Quebec. I’m still trying to get my head around being half French Canadian. Why didn’t I ever explore my roots? Was it because I was living them and just didn’t notice? Time for lunch. It’s nice to be back,



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2 thoughts on ““I’m back in the saddle again.”

  1. Amanda on said:

    Love this post! You are doing exactly what you need to do and I for one am proud of you! As you know Nick and are knee deep in genealogy research every moment we don’t have to be doing something else…which is late at night. I’ll get Nick right on your family’s heritage just for the fun of it…we haven’t done much in Canada yet…should be interesting!

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Finding Home

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