Finding Home

Some down time.

Today I am filled with doubt. Though my mother loved Vinehart Farm, sister no. 1 wasn’t crazy about it. Lots of loose ends, which is true, there are, and she made associations with real life characters in our small town that didn’t exist, and I think it got in the way of her enjoying it. Now sister #2 is reading it. If she too isn’t crazy about it (and by that I mean that she likes Peace Cottage a lot more), I think I’ll hold off and stop sharing the first draft until Curiosity Quills tells me if it is taking the book or not. I’m getting good at handling criticism from the editors, but I’m apparently not so good at handling it from my loved ones. Thin skin. And there’s this other thing that’s weighing me down. Our dog Tigger is now buried near my parents’ dog Posy. I am really struggling with being home without him, especially early mornings and when I get home from work. I loved that dog and he loved me. Every day he’d tell me, “I value you. I love you. Let me lick your toes!” I don’t know–I just feel heavy. Despite how I feel today, I do feel I’ll be ready for my author talk and book signing at Haymaker Card and Gift next Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. I’m saving the stack of books that I have left and am hoping that I get lots of local visitors. And it’s a lovely store to be in anyway. So I’m in the waiting mode, waiting for next Saturday, and waiting to hear from Curiosity Quills.  You know, I’m not sure what I’ll do with my manuscript if Curiosity Quills doesn’t accept it. Where do unaccepted transcripts go, on top of the refrigerator? All for now,



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5 thoughts on “Some down time.

  1. Micheline on said:

    Hmmm, I think it’s going to be a given that anyone reading it locally is going to wonder if there are local characters in the book. And there probably are, but as a compilation rather than a direct character. What author wouldn’t have pieces of this person’s character, a bit of another’s – what else would fuel the imagination? Also, I think it’s rare to like 2 books, particularly by the same author, equally. Don’t you have a favorite book by a favorite author? Does that mean that you don’t like the others? No, it just means that you like one of them best! So it is actually a win-win, don’t turn it into a downer for Vinehart Farm (which I can’t wait to read). As for the manuscript, someone long ago gave me some great advice that I pass on to my readers today: sometimes you have to put the book(manuscript) away for a bit, and then come back to it and you’ll find that you will be ready for it, or have a completely different perspective, on it then. On a different note, I didn’t realize that Tigger was no longer with you – so sorry, I know how much you love that dog. You are an author – these are great problems to have! 🙂

    • Hi Mimi–I just learned about finding comments and responding regarding this blog, so forgive me for the late response. Thank you for your insights. You are right in all ways. Vinehart Farm is at Curiosity Quills, coming up this next week in the queue of manuscripts to read, so I’ve been without it for several weeks. And having stepped away, I do feel better about it and even excited. I’m nervous about answering the call to a sequel for Peace Cottage. I have several ideas, but I don’t want to disappoint anyone. And as you note, that’s life. I think I have several things to overcome about being an author. It’s like the boots are still too big for me to step into, if that makes any sense. I feel more confident keeping the kitchen clean. I wonder if there will be some point when I finally embrace writing as a gift? Love, Lisa

      • Micheline on said:

        Lis – I just figured out how to find this again and just saw your comment! I need you to give me a lesson when I’m home! Love you! 🙂

  2. Amanda on said:

    Sometimes you need to just rework it a little, not throw the baby out with the bathwater…your sophomore work is just that…it probably needs some mellowing, adding a bit here and taking away a bit there, some more mixing and voila! It’s ready to be tasted! You’ll do just fine, you are NOT a flash in the pan. You are a fountain of creativity! We believe in you!

    • Amanda–I learned about comments at my lesson this past week, and am woefully embarrassed that it has taken this long to respond. Thanks for believing in me. Peace Cottage is holding its own and beyond, and now my job is to get it out of Vermont. You and Nick have taken that step for me as I now have readers in Maine. Now that I’ve written Vinehart Farm, the gates of creativity are definitely open. Ideas are coming from everywhere! Still, I must persevere and market, and that’s where my hardest work lies. Thinking of both of you,

      Love, Lisa

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