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Trying to close…

So by nature, I’m really good at starting projects and seeing them through almost to the end. When it is time to wrap up, I tend to go down in a slow spiral. Enter the marketing of Peace Cottage. Today I must 1) contact Galaxy Books in Hardwick, VT to follow up on a book signing, do the same thing with Barnes and Noble in Burlington, and try once again to get a real person on the phone for two book stores on the coast of Maine. I also have to come up with a list of questions for an interview at Johnson State College’s radio station (date not yet scheduled). My book signing in New Hampshire at White Birch Books will be either June 8th or June 21st. I have the media release all set to go but I don’t want to give it out until I have some book signings to anchor it. All I know is that for me, this is the hard stuff. It’s so much easier to write the darn book than to sell it. And I’m lucky that I’ve got a good publisher behind me. So today, while you go about your business on this lovely spring morning, send me positive thoughts as I plow through my introversion, get on the phone, and finish.


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4 thoughts on “Trying to close…

  1. Maggie on said:

    I am amazed at the work that goes into marketing and selling a book! I never thought of that. I guess you could decline or procrastinate but then what is the point of writing a book and doing all the equally hard work to get it published.

    It seems similar to raising a child. Once the birth is past and the wonderful bundle is in our arms life is grand but that is when the hard part comes in as their independence begins and they need our direction and guidance. I guess some parents opt out of this part but then their “product” struggles to be all they could be.

    The Nike motto is ” Just do it”. So I encourage you to follow that, one step at a time. I’m pulling for you sister.

    • Maggie, I’ve learned through this process that even if you have a good product, it won’t go far unless you let its light shine. And this is my Achilles heel, because I don’t like to be out there. I’d rather be quiet! Tomorrow I have another book signing and I’m gathering all my inner strength to do a great job; the store owner is so encouraging and kind that I want to do my best for her. But that’s the funny part. I’m doing my best for her, and am not yet at the place where I’m doing my best for me. In good time, I guess!

  2. You will do it and you will shine!

  3. Thanks, Maggie! I hope I don’t disappoint you. Love, Lisa

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