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Life Gets in the Way

So Peace Cottage is coming out in 18 days, and do you know what I’m thinking about? Colleges, and which one my daughter will choose in the next few weeks. Perhaps this is good timing, because I’m not thinking about whether my book will bomb or not. Instead, I’m thinking about financial aid packages and travel distance and whether or not the college food is good. My daughter is intuitive and needs that “right fit.” I’m hoping that Peace Cottage is the right fit for thousands of women–wouldn’t that be wonderful? But there are other things vying for my brain time. Like getting my sister’s old English bike retrofitted. Cleaning up the back yard and washing the windows on the first floor of our house. And yes, one more college trip. Can’t you see how jumbled I am right now? I’m learning that this is the real life stuff of being an author. You can’t write in a controlled environment if you have a family, a full-time job, homework for graduate school, and laundry to do. Thoughts for books come in and out of filling bike tires and taking the dog out. It’s amazing to me how anyone gets a book written, really. I think that writing and finishing a book involves magic of a good sort. Because when I wrote Peace Cottage, life got in the way.


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2 thoughts on “Life Gets in the Way

  1. Maggie on said:

    I am phenomenally impressed that you actually wrote a book and it is being published and you have book signings lined up and your book will be available to all in 18 days! Not that I didn’t think you had it in you! But my goodness, it takes discipline, organization, sacrifice, motivation, follow-through, etc, etc. yes, you have all that and more because you also balanced your other very important roles of mother, wife, bread winner, student, dog walker/feeder/patter/cleaner-up-after!

    And life didn’t get so much in the way that Peace Cottage got lost in the shuffle! You pressed on with life,with writing a book and with everything else!

    Phenomenal! Wow! Wow! Wow!

    • Hi Maggie–you know how you have to write? Well, that’s the feeling I get. I have to write, and if it’s a story, well, down on paper it goes. I don’t feel phenomenal but I do feel responsive. Writing is just a way to take care of myself. And there’s a third book coming to the surface. And maybe a sequel for Peace Cottage, now that people are asking for one. I’ll have extra time with my job reduction, so why not?



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