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Smart Phones

When it comes to technology, the word I use to describe myself is reluctant. I don’t start out this way. First I plunge headlong into searching what’s best and what I need and want, or dive right into learning software or whatever it is that I am currently going on about. But then I hit a wall. When it is time to fully embrace the new technology, I balk. Sure there’s some lack of confidence, and there’s the strong “off the grid” desire I live with every day. But the bulk of it is that I just don’t get it. Eventually I do and I become as proficient as most everybody else, but in the beginning, no cognitive hookup there! Take smart phones. I need one now. I need the GPS application and the photo capability and the texting, emailing, calling, you know all the “stuff.” But that first month of carrying that phone around and actually putting my hand to it will be quite the hurdle. But as my oldest sister says, I have to get over it. I need to know how to text so I can communicate with my daughter when she goes off to college in the fall. I need to get quick instructions when I’m lost on some back street on my way to a book signing. I look forward to taking on the spot photos of the interesting and beautiful things I see. But after I get my smart phone, I hope I don’t have to get anything else that’s electronic for a long, long time. The world won’t slow down on my account. But just maybe I’ll get by for the next several years without someone inventing one more thing I have to have.

Meanwhile, my friend and fellow author Matthew Cox just had his cover reveal, so I wanted to share it with you. This is an exciting time for our publisher Curiosity Quills. So many new books coming out! I never realized there was such a strong market for science fiction and paranormal–my writing genre is so different. But I’m learning that there are all kinds of readers, and just maybe this will be the right book for you. Have a good week.

Displaying Virtual-Immortality-Print.jpg

Nina Duchenne walked away from a perfect life of wealth and ease to pursue a noble idea. Unfortunately, her hope of becoming a forensic investigator drowned in two years of mandatory street patrol. After one tragic night shatters her dream, she finds herself questioning the very nature of what it means to be alive.

Joey Dillon lives at the edge of a perpetual adrenaline rush. A self-styled cyber cowboy that chases thrills wherever he can find them, he is unconcerned with what will happen twenty minutes into the future. Lured into a dangerous region of cyberspace, he soon has the government of Mars trying to kill him. After fleeing to Earth, he takes refuge in places society has forgotten.

When two international agents threaten the security of West City, Nina gets command of the operation to stop them. Joey just wants to find his next meal. Voices from beyond the grave distract Nina from her pursuit, and send Joey on a mission to find out who is responsible. His suspicions lie grounded in reality while she hopes for something science cannot explain.

The spies prove more elusive than expected, convincing her they have help from a master hacker. Joey falls square in her sights with the fate of the entire West City, as well as Nina’s humanity, at risk.


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