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Instead, let me talk about courage…

So in my last blog I said I would tell you what I know about. I’ve changed my mind. Instead, I want to talk about courage. There’s this good friend of my daughter. Her name is Sonya. She is an adventurous spirit, and she has done amazing things with and in her life. Right now, the amazing thing she is doing is biking from Berkley, California to New England. Here’s a link to her blog I’ve also just finished Tori McClure’s book A Pearl in the Storm. She describes her experiences rowing across the Atlantic Ocean. To me, Sonya and Tori are examples of extreme courage. There are other types of courage, for example, staying in a marriage and giving it your all, for better or worse. Or  getting up every day knowing you are broke but you have to love yourself and others anyway. Or even standing up to a bully when you are young and saying “Enough!” because you know what’s right and wrong and you believe in yourself.

I like to write about courage. It’s a main theme in both of my books. I guess it’s because there’s something so purifying and deeply personal about it. When I see it in myself, when I see it in others, my breath catches and I think “there’s some goodness in the world.”  Because with courage, you have to face fear–there’s simply no getting around it.

So check out Sonya’s blog, and if you get a chance, read McClure’s book. And then, take your own courageous steps. I’ll be rooting for you.


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One thought on “Instead, let me talk about courage…

  1. Hi Lisa, you are an example to all of us, of courageous action.

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