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My Author Life

Here is my author life in three parts. Part I. I am a lucky author. One week at the beach I wrote a book. I sent the book to my friends and family. They liked it. One friend, Amy, told me I should try to publish it. The idea of publishing was overwhelming. She gave me short homework assignments to help me succeed. One assignment was to contact her friend and publisher Lisa Gus at I asked Lisa for advice on getting a book published. She asked to see my manuscript. She liked it and took it on. No rejection letters! This is the lucky part.

Part II. My manuscript needed quite a bit of work. Lisa and her team helped me. We all worked and worked. Finally my book was accepted.

Part III. Part III is still happening. Peace Cottage, my book, is currently being designed and formatted. Its release date is in April 2014.  You may wonder how, with my simple blog writing style, I managed to put a book together that was interesting enough to get published.  Maybe it was the years of dialogue from my rich inner life. Maybe it was the years of descriptive writing for various jobs I’ve held and journals I’ve written. I don’t really know; I just did. I hope you like it. That’s Part IV. How it’s received.

There’s something else. I’m writing another book that, for lack of a better name, is called Vinehart Farm. I pitched the story line to Lisa Gus and she gave it the thumbs up. Vinehart Farm is much easier to write, now that I know what Curiosity Quills wants in regard to formatting and character development. I hope that I finish by September.

This is my first post for my first blog. I plan to post once per week, have guest bloggers, and keep you all up-to-date on how my writing life is going and more news about my books.

Thank you.



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3 thoughts on “My Author Life

  1. Lisa, you are an inspiration to all of us. Great job!

  2. I am trying o “follow” you but it won’t accept my user name and password. Can you tell “them” to fix it?

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